Moms enjoy working at home and caring for their families while making some money. They work for clients that need bloggers on a daily basis or they design blogs for themselves while relying on Google AdSense and affiliate links to make money. Some people laugh when they hear how blogging moms make money, but the truth is that there is money to be made blogging for yourself. You do have to know how to attract traffic and how to present your affiliate links and Google ads to make money.


Blogging for someone else enables you to receive upfront pay. This is the preferred method of blogging for many moms. You can expect to be paid a minimum of $5 for a three hundred word post up to twenty dollars a post. You can find many blogging jobs at sites such as ProBlogger and Craigslist. People use blog writers to keep their blogs updated every day or every other day. If you start a blog and leave it sit, it will not make any money.


Some moms that work at home write content for their own blogs. They start a blog in a niche that they enjoy writing about to attract traffic. By attracting traffic, they are gaining momentum on the Internet and in time, they develop a following. Some of the people that visit their niche blogs will see Google ads and click on the links. Every click makes some amount of money. If they choose the right keywords, the Google ads can amount to quite a bit of money.


Bloggers also join affiliate sites to host banners for big companies such as Petco, Baby Bee and even Sears. Most people use Commission Junction to find commission ads. These are just two ways to make money blogging for yourself. You can run contests and free giveaways to bring traffic to your blogs.


Although writing is part of the blogger’s job, you have to join other forums and message boards so you can participate in discussions with a link as your signature. Everyone on the discussion boards sees this link and they can click the link and check out your blog. Now you are generating more traffic that can lead to more Google ad clicks.


Even though you should write about something that you enjoy, you also should check to see what types of blogs get traffic before you start. You can make as many blogs as you like free with Blogger. Therefore, you might have more than one blog that increases your chances of making money for yourself. The goal of the blogger is to draw traffic to her blog so that she may get some clicks on affiliate sites or Google ads.


Blogging for yourself is a slow process, but if you participate in discussions at forums and message boards with your link, you can increase your traffic and increase your chances of making money. If you need guaranteed pay, you can apply for blogging jobs that pay weekly or monthly. If you work for client’s blogging, you can actually make as much as one hundred dollars a day just writing five blog posts a day.


The only disadvantage of blogging is that you have to write about the same niche repeatedly depending on what you make your blog. If you are working for a client, chances are the topic is going to be repetitive. This is something that you have to consider before starting any blog or blogging job.


Some bloggers also make money making their blogs available for advertisements. This type of ad is called Paid to Post. Companies and individuals pay you so much money to write up a post about their product or website and post it on your blog. You can make as much as one hundred dollars for a three hundred word post if you have a lot of traffic. Monetizing your own blog is easy if you know where to find ways to make money with little work.


Whether you want to work for someone else or blog for yourself will depend on the type of money you want to make. You can do both paid blogging and blogging for yourself and increase your income.