Men and women have the power to influence the behavior of each other. But for so many women, they find it challenging to use that feminine power over using masculine power. Many women have found it easier to work their way to success by hustling and grinding. This path to success is masculine and it seems like this is the default for personal power . This can bring in a lot of problems for many women and would eventually lead a woman to experience burn out faster.

Some women have harnessed their personal feminine power and used it to their advantage to win in their homes, work and personal relationships. Katherine Woodward Thomas, Arielle Ford, Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols have found success by operating in their feminine power.

And it’s not because of the nature of the industry that they are into but more into the way they operate their business. When you understand the polarity of the masculine and feminine energy, if you understand feminine power, you will be able to identify the patterns they use to grow their business.

So what is feminine power?

There isn’t one general definition of feminine power. But most people who speak of using feminine power had given it their own meaning.

Feminine power is a combination of authority and softness.  You can command a room yet be vulnerable and soft at the same time.

Feminine power is intuitive.  A woman instinctively knows when something isn’t right just by listening to her body.

Feminine power is collaborative. Women look for their tribe. We need our tribe to lift up one another, to inspire each other and to help each other grow.

I have listed a comparison of traits what feminine power can bring balance to the masculine below.


How do you tap into feminine power ?

  1. Take it slow.

 Create the space for yourself. You can’t tap into your feminine power when you are racing.         Hustling and grinding is masculine. Feminine power is taking things at a pace that you are most comfortable with because we do not compete. The masculine power does.


2.  Listen to your intuition.

You can only listen to your intuition, your body once you’ve created the space to be still. You won’t be able to hear anything. The world is already noisy and if you don’t take the time to be still, you won’t be able to listen to your intuition.  Intuition as mentioned above is a feminine characteristic that is the very heart of feminine power. Meditation can help you get in tune with your intuition.


  1. Own yourself.

 All of it. This is how you create the balance. Because we women are afraid of being seen as weak, especially if we’ve had traumatic or painful experiences in the past, we try to put on this façade of strength. We operate in the masculine energy. By doing this, we lose our power. You can be both strong and feminine at the same time. Soft on the outside, strong on the inside.


  1. Nurture yourself.

In other words, learn how to prioritize self-care. Pamper yourself. Light candles, have leisure bubble baths, book a massage.  Do things that do not require you to give nurturing but also to receive nurturing. Vibrate your highest self.


  1. Speak your truth. 

If you do not operate in alignment of who you really are, you will notice that you get frequent headaches, and eventually, burn out. Avoid being too apologetic for who you really are. Show the world how awesome you are even with your flaws.


  1. Be creative.

Creativity is feminine energy. When was the last time you were creative? Write songs, paint, write. Do something that brings out your creativity and your feminine power unfolds.


Working on becoming the best version of your feminine self is what will inspire a man to give the world to you.  But attracting a man isn’t the only thing we need our feminine power or feminine energy for. You can also use your feminine energy in your career, business and in other areas of your life.


The world will benefit a lot when everyone can tap into their feminine energy as much as they tap into their masculine.


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