Everyone has every right to feel happy and avoid life’s hardships. Happiness should be as natural as the changing environment and seasons. It’s only due to our lack of knowledge that we end up facing difficulties. Achieving happiness comes down to gaining wisdom. If you fully understand life’s purpose and how we all connect with each other, you’ll be able to dodge suffering and the various problems life throws at you. True wisdom brings pure joy.

So, why do we face suffering? It’s because nature pushes us towards evolution, and we’re missing the spiritual light that could guide us safely past obstacles. We often don’t see problems coming until they’re right on us, like a hidden tiger. One day everything’s perfect with our loved ones, and suddenly, we might face a loss that brings us agony. Friends today can become enemies tomorrow without any clear reason. We might have wealth and suddenly find ourselves in poverty without understanding why. Health and strength can also fade away without any apparent reason. Beyond these significant issues, countless smaller troubles can cause us pain and sadness. We wish to avoid these, but we stumble upon them in our ignorance. What we lack is the spiritual light that helps us see and avoid the causes of human suffering, making our journey through life smoother and quicker.

The old way of learning was about stuffing our minds with facts and giving our personalities a superficial polish. It assumed that once a person is born, they’re a finished product, and all we can do is load them with information they’ll use based on their natural abilities. However, theosophy suggests something deeper: our physical existence is just a small expression of our true selves. Inside each of us lies almost limitless power and wisdom. By focusing on self-improvement, we can bring this inner strength into our physical world. The more effort we put into self-development, the more spiritual light and wisdom we gain, making our path to happiness brighter.

Why does death cause so much sorrow? Mainly because it separates us from those we love. Another reason is our lack of understanding of death and its role in human evolution. Once we understand it, fear and grief are replaced by calm happiness.

Why do we end up with enemies or suffer from their actions? It’s because in our limited awareness, we don’t see how everything is connected. Our negative thoughts and actions come back to us through others, and there’s no escaping it unless we stop thinking negatively and wait for the consequences of our past actions to wear off. When we gain spiritual insight and stop stumbling in ignorance, we won’t make enemies anymore.

People suffer from poverty and disease because of our mistakes and lack of understanding. If we knew why these challenges come to us and saw them as necessary for our growth, they wouldn’t trouble us anymore. Once we learn the lessons they’re here to teach, they disappear. Becoming wise and great isn’t about collecting facts. It’s about growing our souls from within until they light up our minds with brilliance.

In a nutshell, by nurturing self-love and harnessing the power of positive thinking, you’re not just transforming your life but also setting a path that others can follow towards a brighter, more enlightened future where happiness is everyone’s natural state.

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